Description of a photo / Comment on computer games (Textbeispiele für Real- und Hauptschulabschlussprüfung)

In the picture, I can see a teenager who is probably between 15 and 16 years old. He is reading a letter.

It seems to me that (Es scheint mir, dass) he has isolated himself to read this letter.

Apparently, (Anscheinend) he is confused and desperate because something in his life has dramatically changed.

Perhaps, (Vielleicht) he has lost a close friend or he was disappointed and / or left by his girlfriend.

I am quite sure / I am convinced that he tries to tackle the problem by planning the next steps. There is no mobile phone in reach. After reading the letter, he will certainly contact a close friend to discuss the procedure.

Obviously, (Offensichtlich), there is nobody around him he could talk to.

The title of the movie is an allusion to (ist eine Anspielung auf) a second by “B”.

All in all, the picture / photo reflects (reflektiert) a daily situation. We get bad news and we have to withdraw (sich zurückziehen) ourselves for a while in order (um zu) to find a solution for a problem or special circumstances.

161 Words

E-Mails, Briefe

Dear Madame (wenn Ansprechpartner nicht bekannt ist)

Dear Sir (wenn unser Ansprechpartner nicht bekannt ist)

Dear Mr/Mr. Miller,

Dear Mrs / Mrs. Miller,

Dear Betty,

Short comment on computer games (advantages, experiences, disadvantes, point of view, please look at the given details / instructions)

Dear Henry,

I have just read your article about computer games.

Actually (Tatsächlich), my friends and I have some favourite online computer games. However (Jedoch), we must say that we have not made good experiences with all PC games.

Some of them are addictive and violent at the same time. Furthermore, they are expensive as you have to subscribe at least for a period of 6 months.

On the other hand, (Andererseits) there are some games like “Become an English Expert within One Week” which are really helpful for improving your language skills. This game is free and can be downloaded on:

My parents are happy that I only play online games which are useful for school.

I am quite sure that computer games will be of importance in the future because many of them can be used for educational purposes.

With kind regards

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